Portfolio of stuff I have made.


Mobile Cross-Platform Angular Ionic Express AWS

A mobile party game that served over 1 million players, trended twice on the App Store, and scaled to over 2 thousand active sessions.

Spyfall allowed players to create custom location packs on the website, that were then sharable and playable within the mobile app.

The website, where you could create packs and browse packs made by other people

The packs page within the mobile app. Note the ability to scan the QR code of a pack. I'm obsessed with QR codes!


Apple Watch watchOS Swift

Long before Apple updated the Apple Watch with Scribble, Morse was the only way to compose messages on the Watch without speaking.


web iOS
Swift JavaScript NodeJS SocketIO AWS

Typeaway was an app & website that let you chat with people from around the world.

As you type, every key press is sent in real-time, no need to press enter.

The landing page. The map used to blip where each message was coming from, it was pretty cool.

After some thinking (about how that could be a privacy concern), the blips are now random.

A screenshot of the mobile app. Flags let you see where the person you're chatting with is from. An emoji let's you see what device they're on.

Certain features, like watching YouTube videos together, are only available on desktop.


web iOS
Swift JavaScript

Instapiano taught you how to play piano, by letting you watch the notes of a song fly down into your keyboard.

You can upload your own MIDI files or browse others that have been uploaded to the site.

Browse through popular songs, or songs that are being played now by other users.

The piano player allows you to adjust speed and key of the song. You can also share the song, and link to a specific playtime.

Emoji Draw

iOS Swift

Draw cool pictures using emoji. Your screen is a canvas, and emoji are your palette.

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